The first author’s seminar activity.


If you dream of publishing your work in print or online for the first time, attending a writer seminar can be beneficial to you. It provides an organized way to complete the writing process, helps decide what to write, and guides how far each article should go.

If you are creating for the first time, and if you want to successfully sell e-books online, it will be very beneficial to use the writer seminar. It provides an organized way to complete the writing process, helps decide what to write, and guides how far each article should go.

Organization is the key.

The writer seminar is tight and various activities are held. However, you should first hone your organizational skills, because it will provide you with a good foundation to become a successful author. Good organizational skills can save you time and energy in the process of writing drafts and bringing books to market. Organizing pointers may include using write folders to store all work. This part can be divided into drafts, works to be published, pre-written, record keeping, topic list, etc.


Brainstorming is another activity that is indispensable for the writers in the first writers seminar. Depending on your current project, brainstorming can be applied to various written works such as letters, articles, poems, narrations, etc. The purpose of this activity is to give writers an opportunity to stimulate inspiration and ultimately provide direction. For example, an aspiring writer who tends to write novels will need to come up with some ideas, and he will think about the story he wants to write-including the theme, narrative and wording, setting and the characteristics of each character in the book.

Creative writing.

After brainstorming, creative writing. At this time, writers get exercises designed to help them develop fictional elements, which will attract readers to buy their books. These include:

Features: Readers will not care about characters unless they are credible. The writer will learn how to develop characters (backstory, strengths and weaknesses, gestures, quirks, etc.) and feel like real people.
Dialogue: Dialogue needs some form of tension to satisfy readers’ interest. Writers will learn to come up with some unique aspects of each person’s speaking style when developing persuasive or demonstrative dialogues.
Settings: Poor settings, readers are not clear or confused. The writer must ensure that the reader knows when and where the story happened.
Plot: A well-structured story makes it easier to execute. The writer will learn how to find the angle and develop the appropriate pacing, climax and ending.
First draft.

Once you master creative writing, you will be ready to write your first draft to wet your feet. Please pay attention to the word “first year”-your first draft is not about writing publishable content. It’s only part of the writing process, not the process itself, so you should allow yourself to make mistakes. Your first draft is to piece together the details of the old man. All the skills learned in the creative writing stage—descriptiveness, writing persuasive dialogue, visualization, and plot distortion—should allow you to easily complete the process of creating a decent draft.


After submitting the draft, the author will discuss the next tasks to be completed, such as adding works, replacing words or ideas in works, and moving ideas, paragraphs or sentences left and right. At this stage, partners are encouraged by allowing authors to pair and make suggestions about each other’s writing. Through this approach, writers can understand their writing from a fair perspective and get ideas on how to make their work better. After the revision is completed, the writer will move to the editing stage. At this time, the use of checklists is introduced so that the writer can check out the project after viewing specific elements.

Successfully writing an ebook online may be difficult for the first time author. So, if you are a novice, attending a writer’s seminar can work to your advantage. By participating in the activities provided by the Writers Seminar, authors have acquired the necessary skills for the first time to effectively write successful e-books on the Internet.

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