Taking part in and facilitating a team meeting

A team is a platform that promotes teamwork and collaboration. You can communicate with your colleagues using voice or video calls and instant messaging.

Participating in a Team meeting

An invitation link is required to participate in a Team meeting. The link will be sent to you by the organizer via e-mail. All you need to join is an internet connection.

Note that joining from a computer or a mobile device can be done in two different ways. Below are the instructions.

Participation via computer

  • Click the link to “Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting” in the Teams invitation you have received by email.
    If you’re already familiar with the Outlook calendar and are using the paid version, you can join by opening the Teams calendar.
  • Clicking the link will take you to a page in your browser. You can join the session in the browser or download and install the desktop application. The conference will automatically open if you have the Teams app installed on your computer.
  • You can join the meeting online by entering your name, except if it comes from an existing email. You can sign in to your Office 365 email account to view and join the meeting conversation.
  • You should receive two pop-ups regarding allowing microphone and camera access to the browser after joining the meeting. Accept or deny these pop-ups. You can always turn off audio or video during the meeting.
  • Sometimes, you might have to wait until someone already at the meeting allows you in.
  • You will find meeting tools at the center of the screen when you join a meeting by moving the mouse. When a diagonal line (i.e., A brace passes between them. Make sure your camera and microphone aren’t accidentally on. If you wish to speak to others, you can unmute your microphone and click on the icons to turn on the camera. You can also turn them off if desired.
  • Meetings are not conducive to simultaneous speaking. You should practice good meeting manners and ask permission to speak as per the instructions.
  • To leave, press the red handset.
  • You can also see the image further down.
  • You may have an outdated web browser that causes you to be unable to log in. Try another browser. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome have both worked well. You can download Chrome to your computer from this link www.google.com/chrome.

Participation on a mobile device

You can use the free Teams mobile app to participate on your phone or tablet. It is the safest, fastest, and most secure. The Teams app should be downloaded to your phone. You can also use a browser to participate on some devices. Although the user experience is similar to an application, you might have to log in more frequently with a browser.

  • Click the link to “Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting” in the Teams invitation you have received by email.
  • The Android phone does not offer the ability to use the mobile app. The system will automatically direct you to the Play Store if you don’t already have the app. Once there, click on the Download App button. Once the app is downloaded, you will automatically be able to join the meeting.
  • Allow the app audio and video to be used. You can turn off audio or video during a meeting.
  • You can enter your name in the participant section. It will be visible to all participants in the meeting.
  • Sometimes, you might have to wait until the organizer allows you to enter.
  • You’ll notice a box in Meeting Tools when you sign up for a meeting. As shown below, the microphone and camera will turn off when there’s a slash between them. If you wish to speak to others, you can unmute your microphone and turn on the camera by marking their icons. You can also turn them off if desired.
  • You can’t speak to another person in a meeting, so it is essential to follow meeting protocol and ask for permission to speak.
  • To leave, press the red handset.
  • Also, see the image below.

Meeting Etiquette

  • To ensure smooth presentations, the chairperson will ask participants to turn off their cameras and mute their microphones before they begin the meeting.
  • The person with the floor has to keep the microphone on and, preferably, the camera on during the meeting.
  • To request a speaking slot, press the “raise you hand” icon within the meeting tools.
  • You can also leave comments in chat. The chairperson can then pull them together during the conversation.

Problem situations

For example, if the Team malfunctions, you won’t hear the speeches or presentations of others.

  • It can be helpful to leave the meeting and come back.
  • You can participate in the meeting using a different device, method, or tool.
  • Sometimes, people in the meeting can help you if you tell us via Chat (speech bubble) what type of problem you are having.
  • It is often a sign of insufficient Internet bandwidth. It might be worth closing your camera.
  • You will see Add tools function in the middle of the meeting tools. Select Device settings from the menu. You can choose another microphone or speaker if you have a separate screen.

It is polite to inform others when you leave a small meeting or event because of a problem.

Organizing a Team Meeting

The Teams application is required to organize a meeting.

  • Open the Microsoft Teams App
  • Visit the calendar
  • Click on the meeting time. A form will now open. Fill it in to call the meeting. The default meeting length is one hour. You can adjust the end time if the session lasts longer than this.
  • The title should be written. Next, start to write the names of the participants. Write the e-mail address of any new participant in the system.
  • If you wish, fill in the remaining fields and send a message.
  • Send an invitation


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