Create seminars to make attendees want more.


If you are planning a new seminar, the first thing I suggest my client do is to think about what you want to happen after the seminar. In other words, every time you do an event, there will be an “upsell” to the person who provides it. I don’t like the word “upsell”, so I said, I’m really talking about the opportunity to cooperate more deeply with the attendees.
Defining how to work with students more deeply after the seminar can actually help you determine the theme or theme of the seminar. You want to consider scaring the person you want in the room. Most suitable for the type of customer you provide.

First consider what your ideal customer wants most.

Write down all the needs and concerns that you think of. Then think about how these subjects provide more in-depth learning opportunities for your customers.

Therefore, I will not only base your seminar theme on this, but also based on how you position the seminar and conduct marketing. Everything should go back to what you will provide to the team in the future. If you don’t have the opportunity to cooperate further, someone will always be disappointed. So, I don’t want you to tell yourself, “No, they paid me. Many people just want more.

What happened to me when I attended a four-day seminar in San Francisco. The leader does not offer any further work. I really want to work with him, so I’m so disappointed.

The truth is, it is a smart way to make more money. When you consider the next step and let you determine the entire package, you create a strategic marketing opportunity. You have a chance to build on an idea completely, make it bigger and more lasting.

Distribution of your customer attractiveness.

When you start to think about a new plan, remember to reach a new level by thinking about how to provide deeper cooperation with others. No matter what ideas you come up with, play them in your mind and see if they have additional extensions on the same topic. There may be other product support seminars, as well as private coaching or extended group work.

When you expand an idea, you have the opportunity to make a lot of money. Departments are smarter, but don’t work harder.

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