7 ways you can profit from free email seminars.


Tip # 1: The target website owner is the same as the E-zine publisher.

Create a free email seminar to promote your business, products, services or affiliate links, and then provide the seminar to website owners and e-zine publishers to supplement the theme of your email seminar.

Explain to them how your email seminar can be added to their website or the perceived value of e-zine. If the product you promote in the email seminar allows you to offer an affiliate program (for example, a product or service you sell through Clickbank), tell the website owner and e-zine publisher that they can customize the email seminar The product link reflects its alliance ID.

Tip #2: Inject life into old articles.

Convert old articles into free email seminars. Collect channels and come up with a common theme. Four to six articles can make up an email seminar. Insert promotional text in each module and register an auto responder account. Registering for one allows you to set the delivery interval for the email seminar module. Here are some places where you can get a free continuous auto-responder account:

Tip #3: Sell your favors to solid, targeted potential customers.

Do you need potential customers (name and email address) and what is the better way to get valuable potential customers than the email seminar set up on the autopilot? By auto-response email seminar , You will be able to track the people who requested your email seminar.

Keep their email address because you can email them your sales promotion later. Every time you send an e-mail to him, remind him that the solution is received by you. Mentioned the free email seminar that he participated in a few weeks ago, but they all have an option to opt out of the update list. Well, there is a reason to stay low-another free email seminar, a free e-book, and an exclusive report specially prepared for it.

Tip # 4: Make a deal with the content author.

If you haven’t written a lot of articles, please find someone who wrote a lot of articles and then make a deal. Offer to turn his old articles into a free email seminar, where you can promote your products, services or affiliate links.

Tip #5: Create a mini-course based on your e-book.

Have you written an e-book? Do you want to get some sales? Create a free mini-course based on your e-book and put it on the auto responder. Your mini-course can be based on one or several chapters in the e-book. Between the courses, inserting promotional texts-endorsements, excerpts, Dong Du laugh-can persuade people to buy e-books.

Tip #6: Provide free trial modules.

If you offer fee-based email seminars, please consider offering one or two modules as a free trial module. In this way, people will be able to decide whether to charge the entire workshop.

In the free trial module, insert promotional texts based on e-mail seminars that make use of fees. You can even promote your website, e-books, e-sites and other email seminars. Even if they did not register for the paid e-mail seminar immediately, you can put them in the contact list (they are your potential customers) and contact them later to learn about your products and services.

Remember Tip #3? Yes, you can add these people to the list of reliable target potential customers.

Tip #7: Today’s email seminar, e-book listening day.

First create an e-mail seminar, provide it for free or for a fee, and then compile it into an e-book. You will have two products that will bring you profits. Two different formats are provided, the e-mail seminar version and the e-book version, giving you two choices.

Not everyone can take time to participate in e-mail seminars, so the e-book version will be suitable for them. Some people like to receive feedback from others in an email discussion environment, so email seminars would be a better choice.

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